About Us

Who are we?

…A multicultural fellowship dedicated to applying the truths of Scripture in a family friendly environment of believers.  We strive to build lasting relationships in the local church and with our missionary partners around the world. Our focus on children and youth demonstrates our threefold commitment 1) to strengthen families 2) to provide quality learning and 3) to provide growing opportunities for all ages. We reach out to the community in which God has placed us, providing solid, proven programs for all ages and demonstrating the love of Christ in every aspect of our ministry.

What do we want to be?

…A local church that reflects the model of the universal church given in Scripture. That is, one that teaches sound biblical doctrine, proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ locally, supports missions in foreign lands, and embraces people of all ages, races, cultures and backgrounds who have professed faith in Jesus Christ. Our leadership seeks to develop a zeal in each member to grow their relationship with the Savior and to utilize to the fullest those gifts given by the Holy Spirit to each one. The members here should demonstrate their care for one another and for the unsaved who attend or visit the church by very tangible acts of care and service as a testimony of our mutual faith in Jesus Christ. We want all to be welcome here and to feel the love of Jesus Christ in our presence. The leaders are to be examples of this conduct. The leadership must provide for future generations of the local fellowship by recognizing and developing young leaders who will be able to carry on this pattern for the long term future. Support of a relational missions program should continue to be a vital part of this local church.

We feel the church should grow to a size to be able to sustain viable ministries to children, youth and adults. That growth should provide a “platform” from which other outreach ministries can be established and supported with the leadership and financial resources necessary to sustain themselves. The key to that growth will be investing in children’s and youth ministries to meet expectations of families in this neighborhood.

How will we get there?

…By much prayer, by identifying and developing Godly new leaders, by providing opportunities to minister and serve, and by training believers seeking to grow in Christ.

When will we know that we have achieved these things?

…When the ministries we sustain are fully staffed and can be continued in the absence of historical leaders. When this is accomplished appropriate leadership could then be sponsored to plant new churches with a vision similar to the one we have at this fellowship.