“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,  teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.” Matthew 28:19
It is our desire here at FCBC to help equip and support these individuals who have been called by God to full-time missions around the world. 


Our Missionaries


Andrew & Kayla Belcher

Serving in Appleton, WI

At Wycliffe Associates Andrew Belcher manages a team of volunteers from all around the world dedicated to the work and ministry of translating the Word of God into every language. He writes tools, resources, and training materials to be used by native language speakers globally. With the materials in hand the native language speakers communicate with each other, their regional directors, and Andrew in the States to produce highly accurate, culturally sensitive, and natural translations of the biblical text.


Iglesia Cristiana (sister church)

Serving in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico

The Beginning of a Partnership:  A week -long visit during Thanksgiving 2003 – Our first face-to-face interaction with the church in Leon.  We believed that God was taking us down there to minister to the believers there, but found that He had so much to teach us through them.  We were moved by their hospitality, their heart for evangelism and their true fellowship.  The team came home a changed group and First Colony Bible Chapel has not been the same since we began following the example set before us by the believers in Leon!  We have since, visited numerous times for different types of missions and training trips.
Vision for the Future: The church in Leon has already begun a successful church on the other side of the city.  Their vision is to continue to multiply to five local churches throughout the city of Leon. As their sister church, we look forward to continuing to partner with them in this endeavor.


Craig & Brenda Landrum

Serving in Calatayud, Spain

Their Story: “Both of us grew up in loving and religious homes in Texas, but each of us trusted in Jesus Christ as our Savior in our later teen years. Our lives were greatly changed by God and we married in December 1975. The Lord blessed us with 4 children. We thank the Lord for their lives and their love for Him. We were commended by Centerpoint (previously known as Eastfield Bible Chapel) of Mesquite, Texas to the ministry in Mexico in 1985 and God was pleased to establish two congregations in Leon, Guanajuato and one in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco. He led us to change our field of service, and we were commended by Centerpoint to the ministry in 2010 to Spain. Spain is 1% evangelical Christian. Calatayud is a town of 21,000.”
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Mathews Family

Serving in India

“The Lord laid it on our hearts to assist a missionary family working among tribal communities in Southeast Asia.  In answer to that calling we moved our family of four to North East India.  Our involvement, early on, will focus on teaching and handling administrative affairs at a boarding school recently started for tribal children. Our vision is to further develop the school and the local church by implementing programs to teach the Bible to children. We also hope to be involved with sharing the gospel and planting churches in neighboring areas. In all this, our desire is to focus on Jesus and carry out His mission.”
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Jerry & Sarah Mattix

Serving in Cyprus






Lisa Meyers

Serving in Austria

Lisa’s Story: “God called me out of my marketing communications background in Texas and sent me to minister to the Austrian church in 1992. I came to disciple, and still am! It just looks different than I thought it would. I work with lots of teams: worship teams; music teams; women’s committees.  As an encourager, I “fan into flame” the gifts of other believers. The Austrians are incredibly gifted. They just need encouragement and someone to walk with them for awhile. It’s a privilege to accompany them along the journey.
My home-base is Vienna, the capital of Austria. But Through various invitations from other churches, I find myself visiting other provinces of Austria and Germany, frequently doing outreach concerts.”
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Micah & Amy Tuttle

Serving in N. America, Peru & Elsewhere

  “God, send me anywhere, only go with me. Lay any burden on me, only sustain me. And sever any tie in my heart except the tie that binds my heart to Yours.” – David Livingstone
The Tuttles have been involved in the Lord’s reconciling work in Peru since 2001.  In 2017 the Lord laid it on their hearts to move in a slightly different direction. They will now be involved in itinerant ministry in North America, Peru, and many other locations around the world.
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