At FCBC there are ministries for all members of the family, all age groups, and all life circumstances. We like to think of our “Ministries” as belonging to each of our 3 areas of emphasis: Equipping, Serving, Reaching. The inspiration for these three emphases comes from Luke’s inspired description of the early church given in Acts 2:42-47. Here we see a church that was devoted to Scripture, one another, and the preaching of the gospel to world around them. We endeavor to follow this model through our various ministries.


It is our conviction that our strength and vitality comes through a clear and growing understanding of the Word of God, coupled with exhortations to live in accordance with the calling with which we have been called. A pastor’s most basic calling is to equip; and therefore, a church should be a place where believers are equipped for the work of ministry. Through our Family Bible HourSunday School, Bible Study time on Wednesdays, Defenders! apologetics training, and many other ministries, we emphasis this equipping ministry. In addition, our young people and children get “equipped” by their own More! program, and by several age-specific Sunday School classes, Children’s Church, and Kids Bible Club.


The early church in Acts 2 is described as one in which the believers served one another. They “had all things in common,” gave to all who were in need, attended temple (church) together, and fellowshipped together in one another’s homes. They truly saw themselves as a body in which each member had a role in supporting another member. We too endeavor to be a church in which the members serve one another. There are several formal ways in which we accomplish this, such as our meal crews, prayer gatherings, praise and worship team, audio-visual crew, volunteer nursery workers, welcome center, greeters, ushers, meal ministry (to the sick or bereaved), and so much more. But the strength of our fellowship comes from all the informal ways in which the believers, like a family, serve one another in spontaneous, generous, and practical ways. When you connect with the FCBC family, you are truly connecting with a family that will care for you and help share your burdens. 


The third attribute characterizing the church as described in Acts 2 is that it was expansionary – it reached out beyond its comfortable borders and proclaimed the gospel to those who had yet to respond. Luke tells us that they “had favor with all the people. And the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved.” There are a number of ways in which our church seeks to “reach out” to our neighbors with the gospel, including our annual Fall Festival, our packed out summer VBS, Christmas plays and events, generous support of several missionaries, regular mission trips, and much more. Similar to our “serving” ministry, much of our “reaching” occurs through informal channels, through people equipped for the work of the ministry, who bring the gospel and the love of Christ to their own sphere of influence.


What makes our simple model of equipping, serving, reaching work as well as it does is the committed investment of the people of God in the work of God for the glory of God. We are a church in which the people are the ministers, and the ministries are as vibrant as the people who undertake them. So if you haven’t found your particular niche, we invite you to find a place right here at FCBC and come along side other believers who are seeking to equip the saints, serve one another, and reach our neighbors with the love of Christ!