SCBC Ladies Retreat 2017 was a huge success!
60+ women showed up to Sandy Creek Bible Camp for a weekend of worship, discipleship, fellowship, and fun!


“What an encouraging weekend filled with singing and teaching from God’s Word. It was a time to ‘be still and know that He is God’.  The coordinators went to great lengths to take us on a journey of refreshment and renewal.” – Happy Mathews

“The speaker spoke from the heart, and shared intimate details of her life, both good and bad, in order to encourage us.” – Kim Meyers

“It was such a wonderful time of fellowship and spiritual growth.  The speaker was such a blessing, and it was a joy getting to know so many different women from different walks in life.”  – Kathy Duncan

“Ladies Retreat was a wonderful experience. It was truly a time to be able to shift focus from my daily burdens and turn to the Lord for a much needed refreshment. Being able to spend time with other woman who love the Lord was very encouraging!”  – Maca Talbert